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Incomr Tax

At 360 Sterling, we are fully equipped to guide and assist in managing income tax declarations for both individuals and legal entities. We understand the importance of rigorous tax compliance and are committed to ensuring that your declarations are filed accurately and timely.

Our team stays updated with the latest tax regulations, including Article 710 of the Fiscal Code, and ensures that all declarations are filed within the stipulated deadlines, typically within three months following the fiscal year-end. With 360 Sterling, you can rest assured that your income tax declaration is handled with maximum efficiency, accuracy, and professionalism.

For Individuals: We specialize in filing income tax declarations for employees seeking tax refunds, independent professionals, and traders. Our assistance ranges from gathering the necessary documentation to tax optimization, ensuring that all available deductions and tax credits are utilized.

For Legal Entities: We offer comprehensive services for the preparation and filing of Income Tax, adapting to the complexities of each entity. This includes consolidating declarations for entities with multiple businesses or establishments and ensuring full compliance with current tax and accounting regulations.

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