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Tax advisory

Discover the benefits of your tax compliance and avoid unwanted fines.

Tax advisory

Tax Analysis and Planning: We evaluate your current tax situation and design personalized strategies for efficient tax planning, helping you manage your taxes responsibly and effectively.

Legal Tax and Tributary Consultation: We offer specialized advice on the tax implications of various business decisions and transactions, including advice on taxes and specific tax regimes.

Procedures with the ‘Caja de Seguro Social’ and Labor Law: We handle procedures related to the Social Security Fund and provide advice on labor law issues, helping you comply with all relevant regulations.

Financial Certifications: We issue certifications and financial reports that support the solidity and transparency of your company to regulatory entities, banks, and other stakeholders.

Our Scope

Request for Non-Application of CAIR: Handling requests for exemptions and specific regulations.

Double Taxation Treaties: Assistance in the application and management of tax treaties to minimize double taxation.

Remittance and Dividend Forms: Assistance in the filing of forms for foreign remittances and dividend management.

Registration of Individuals and Legal Entities: Services for the tax registration of individuals and companies.

Compliance with Tax Obligations: Complete management of your main tax obligations.

Management of Refunds of Balances in Favor: Assistance in the request and management of balances in favor.

Tax and Tributary Consultation: Expert consultancy in various tax areas.

Tax Diagnosis: Detailed evaluation of your current tax situation.

Patrimonial Tax Planning: Strategic planning to optimize your personal and business tax situation.

Closing Operations of Companies: Assistance in the tax closure of business operations.

Mergers and Splits: Tax advice in merger and split processes for businesses.


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Let's start the adventure...

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